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Understanding business: we see broadly and think long-term.
We offer expert advice and lasting relationships.
We are proudly trusted by over 500 businesses in Poland and abroad.

Our 30 years of market presence has been a time of constant understanding of client needs, gathering experience and building long-term relationships based on trust.

Since 1993 we have been introducing foreign investors to the Polish market and helping Polish companies grow in Poland and beyond. We appreciate what we have achieved so far and we look optimistically to the future and plan our further growth.

We are proud of our high positions in the rankings of the best law firms. However, we are even more proud of our long-term cooperation with our clients. After all, we are here to support businesses.

We provide both day-to-day legal service and specialist legal advice.


Implement and support corporate governance in your organisation. Take care of adequate functioning of your company.


Choose a trusted adviser who will comprehensively support your company in all aspects of real property law.


Maximise your chances in court.


Take advantage of our comprehensive advice on individual and collective labour regulations.


Find out how tax law and the resulting burdens will affect your business. Discover solutions tailored to suit your business needs.


Make sure your new investments are well looked after by a comprehensive team of experts with many years of experience in providing legal advice.


Introduce an effective model for crisis management and implementation of preventive measures.


If you are planning a merger or an acquisition, we will be happy to share our legal expertise in this area.


You do not need to handle financial difficulties on your own.


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Babiaczyk, Skrocki i Wspólnicy has been a long-standing member of PANGEA NET, an international association of law firms.

We created this international network of independent law firms because we believe that clients’ business interests and opportunities are best served through a focused cooperation between committed law firms and high-quality lawyers.

As a member, we can cooperate directly with renowned law firms from all over the world that specialise in legal services for businesses.